Clamp On Snow Guards
What are they? Read on to find out!

Clamp on snow guards are snow stops for metal roofs that are designed to clamp on to the standing seam of a metal roof. A Snow Guard is a device used to retain snow, usually on a roof surface. Snow guards are sometimes called a snow bracket, snow stop, snow brake, ice guard, snow clip, snow fence, snow rail or snow cleats. Typically two set screws are used to squeeze or clamp them in place.

Clamp On Snow Guard
The Sno Shield Rib Guard is a clamp on snow guard.

Advantages of using clamp on snow guards include:

  • They do not penetrate the roof. It only makes sense that keeping holes in your roof to a minimum is key to avoiding a leaky roof.
  • No glue or sealants are required. This allows a home owner to install them during the winter when it is not warm enough for sealants or adhesives like Surebond SB-190 to cure.
  • Are manufactured in many different sizes and shapes. The face of clamp on snow guards can be many different shapes and sizes to match different roofing products.
  • They are suitable for use with light gauge sheet metals like 16 ounce copper, lead coated copper and 40lb terne.
  • Easy installation. Almost anyone with a drill and the right bit can install clamp on snow stops with a little bit of instruction.

Installation of these snow guards varies according to the pitch of the roof and the snow accumulation of the region the roof is in. The length of the roof, pitch, and spacing between the standing seams all need to be taken in to account when determining the best layout and the number of snow guards that need to be purchased. We highly recommend that you don’t just install them the way your neighbor did just because his seem to be doing ok. Be certain that the layout you use is in accordance with the manufacturer’s specs and industry standards.

Why would I want a clamp on snow guard?

The first answer is to keep snow on your roof. If you are already to the point where you know you want to keep snow on your roof, but want to know why you would want a clamp on snow guard verses a snow fence the answer comes right down to cost. Clamp on snow guards are much more cost efficient than a rail / fence system. A row of snow guards is about one third the cost of snow rail and fence systems. The snow guard itself is the snow stopping device. You do not need to purchase the clamping system, snow rail bar, bolts, and extra parts to attach the snow bar or pipe to keep snow from coming through the middle. All you need is a clamp on snow guard and you will have as good of a snow barrier as any rail or fence system.

Snow Defender 6500
The Snow Defender 6500 is an all metal clamp on snow guard that can be color coated to match your roof.

Where can I buy clamp on snow guards?

You can buy clamp on snow guards from many different distributors, but if you are looking to buy somenow, visit:

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